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Sorry about the delay, everyone. I know I promised Monday, but I was having some trouble uploading pictures to the website, but it seems to have finally worked. Anyways! This Spring we have a bit of a "theme" going on - an interesting pairing of flowers and fruit...plus one "spring shower" scent! Please welcome five new scents to the lineup -

Ginger Pear: Juicy fresh pear blended with a hint of freshly ground ginger. Enchantingly sweet with just a touch of spice. A lovely delicious light gold in color.

Apricot Freesia: It's so yummy you will want to eat it up! The deliciousness of ripe apricots blended with a touch of divine freesia makes a magnificent combination. This one is my personal favorite - highly recommended! A pretty peach color.

Grapefruit Lily: One of the original fragrances that I brought back for spring. Tart pink grapefruit blends with the ethereal fragrance of stargazer lilies to make a very different, fresh, and outstanding scent that you will fall in love with. A lovely bright pink color.

Cloudburst: The wet spring smell of a sunny day after a rainshower. Ozoney and clean, with a hint of greenery and florals and just a touch of earth. Cloudy blue, the color of an approaching storm.

Raspberry & Violet: The sunny topnote smell of violets laced with the subtle fragrance of juicy black raspberries. A unique combination that you're sure to enjoy! Amethyst color.

All bars are 4 ounces each, and all are limited editions for Spring - when I run out, they're gone!

Find them here: http://www.bluehipposoaps.com


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Mar. 26th, 2009 11:39 pm (UTC)
I wants 3 Grapefruit Lily. Plz. Will paypal when I get paid next week, if that's cool!
Apr. 2nd, 2009 09:16 pm (UTC)
I have them set aside for you! :D

I had a feeling you'd like that one, I made it with you in mind, lol.
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