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Black Friday

Holiday soaps are up for sale at http://www.bluehipposoaps.com ! For this weekend only, buy three get one free - this will not calculate on the website, so mention which ones you'd like at checkout.

Happy holidays and happy shopping!


Everyone's favorite Fall fragrance is back as a limited edition bar soap! Get your bars now, before I run out :)

In other product news: Unfortunately, the supply company that carried the base for the whipped body wash has discontinued that product, and I haven't been able to find anything else like it since. There will be no more whipped body washes available from Blue Hippo, which is the bad news. The good news (for some of you) is that I may just start experimenting with liquid body wash bases and formulas to see what works best. So, that may be an upcoming addition to the product line in the future!



Mother's Day SPECIAL

Mother's Day is May 10...and what mother wouldn't love handmade, beautifully fragranced soaps? From now until May 10 all Limited Edition Spring soaps are Buy 2 Get 1 Free...so you can keep a little something for yourself, too :)

Mention your free LE soap choice at checkout (do NOT put it in your shopping cart, because it will make you pay for it!)

Please note that this special is only for the Limited Edition soaps.


random updates

At this point all orders recieved so far are in the mail and should arrive anytime from tomorrow to next week depending on where you live (I'm looking at you, Canada).

Protip: Soaps make excellent Easter-basket gifts for both kids and grownups! Orders placed by noon on Wednesday will be shipped in time to arrive for Easter Sunday.

Also: Look for lovely Lilac honey-based and Lavender Oatmeal goatsmilk-based soaps to be making their appearance on the website by the end of April!


Sorry about the delay, everyone. I know I promised Monday, but I was having some trouble uploading pictures to the website, but it seems to have finally worked. Anyways! This Spring we have a bit of a "theme" going on - an interesting pairing of flowers and fruit...plus one "spring shower" scent! Please welcome five new scents to the lineup -

Ginger Pear: Juicy fresh pear blended with a hint of freshly ground ginger. Enchantingly sweet with just a touch of spice. A lovely delicious light gold in color.

Apricot Freesia: It's so yummy you will want to eat it up! The deliciousness of ripe apricots blended with a touch of divine freesia makes a magnificent combination. This one is my personal favorite - highly recommended! A pretty peach color.

Grapefruit Lily: One of the original fragrances that I brought back for spring. Tart pink grapefruit blends with the ethereal fragrance of stargazer lilies to make a very different, fresh, and outstanding scent that you will fall in love with. A lovely bright pink color.

Cloudburst: The wet spring smell of a sunny day after a rainshower. Ozoney and clean, with a hint of greenery and florals and just a touch of earth. Cloudy blue, the color of an approaching storm.

Raspberry & Violet: The sunny topnote smell of violets laced with the subtle fragrance of juicy black raspberries. A unique combination that you're sure to enjoy! Amethyst color.

All bars are 4 ounces each, and all are limited editions for Spring - when I run out, they're gone!

Find them here: http://www.bluehipposoaps.com


I'm going to have new Spring soaps up on http://www.bluehipposoaps.com by this afternoon! I think you'll really love them. I'm also experimenting with a new exfoliating soap that will be up a little later on (probably next month). If it works out the way I want it to, credit (and some free soap) goes to princess_allura for the suggestion! It will be a goatsmilk-based soap with oatmeal and lavender essential oil.


Hello everyone! I'm trying to think of fresh, new things for Spring already, and I know that many of you have a lot of good ideas for fragrances or fragrance combinations, as well as other things that you would really like to see from me.

So consider this your suggestion box!

To make this a bit more fun, if I end up going with your soap idea, you can get some free soap out of it...how does 3 bars sound?

Last week...

...for holiday shipping! Thursday will be the last day for me to ship your gifts in time for Christmas, so order now! Through Thursday - mention "LJ" at checkout and you will get a free soap!

Thanks and have a wonderful holiday!

PS: Those of you with large orders, do not fear. I will be getting those out to you ASAP by the end of this week!

Black Friday!

Holiday Soaps are up for ordering at http://www.bluehipposoaps.com!

I have five holiday soaps for you, as well as two offerings in the Whipped Body Wash category:

Fresh Snow: A brisk, clean scent, with a crisp heliotrope top and intriguing supporting notes of ice water, juniper berry, vetiver and sandalwood. The soap has a lovely pearly white sheen, the color of a freshly fallen snowfall. 4 oz bar.

Frosted Gingersnap: All the gingery cinnamon spicy goodness of a freshly baked gingersnap cookie, iced with just the right amount of homemade vanilla frosting. Smells just like the real thing! A warm, inviting golden brown. 4 oz.

Sweet Cranberry Fig: A delicious twist on the standard plain ol' cranberry scent, this one is laced with fresh ripe figs and a generous sprinkling of sugar to sweeten up the mix. A lovely fragrance for all ages, in a deep ruby color. 4 oz bar.

Frankincense & Myrrh: Oh my goodness is this one amazing! This traditional Christmas fragrance smells deep, smoky and rich. Frankincense and Myrrh has notes of Amber and Vanilla to warm up the blend. Another lovely unisex scent that I am told men really, really love. Words cannot do this one justice. It's good. Trust me. 4 oz bar OR 4 oz bar of Whipped Body Wash.

Holiday Party: One of my favorites! An icy splash of of gin's juniper berry, red currant and a hint of fresh-cut pine, with citrusy backing notes of fresh grapefruit and Italian lemon. Wintry and unisex. A pretty chilly ice blue color. 4 oz bar OR 4 oz jar of Whipped Body Wash.

All of the Holiday scents are slightly larger 4 oz bars, so you can get more "bang for your buck" this season! Order now so you'll have yours in time for the holidays!


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